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The truth is that starting + running your own business can be challenging. No matter what year some of us are in of being a business owner - we all struggle at times. However, that doesn't make your accomplishments to date any less valuable. I've noticed first hand that I believe in myself the most and chase after my dreams when I have someone cheering me on. Whether it's going in-depth + showing me the ropes or just simply providing me a word of encouragement when I need it the most - it's all shaped my journey to where I am today as a creative and small business owner. 

Some background - I graduated college with a marketing degree leading me to work at an agency for two years! I recently celebrated my one year as a full-time photographer (SAY WHAT)! I knew it was ready for me to go full-time when my daily 9-5 job was getting in the away of my passion. I found myself unable to focus on tasks unless they were ones allowing me to grow my photography business. And now being able to solely dedicate my time to my clients + business has been a blessing in SO many ways + continues to be.

So long story short - I hope to not only provide tips + tricks when it comes to all things photography but to be your biggest cheerleader, too. Truly! And the biggest takeaway - you are worth the investment to grow who you are professionally + personally!

investing in yourself is worth it

let's grow your passion

Mentorships with me include:

+ Two programs to select from with option of in-person or zoom

+ Topics ranging from client experience, editing process, marketing, gear, workflow + more.

+ Customized experience based on topics you want to cover

+ Headshots taken by me

+ Come along on sessions to see how I interact with clients

+ Payment plans available

+ A 'thank you' gift for letting me be a part of this journey with you!

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