For starters, don't they just warm your heart? When Kendall reached out to me for an in-home session and said "surprise pregnancy" I think I about screamed, fainted, all the above. We spent the Saturday morning hanging out with their pups, laughing, celebrating big time, and sharing stories of how much Kendall lives for embarrassing Mark in public. It was just the best time and it gets better.

Before our session, I told them both to write a letter to each other. The letters would be shared just between them once I left after the session. When I was driving back home, Kendall sent me a text - prepare yourself, you may get emotional. She sent me a text to say their first dance song came on while reading their letters to one another. I mean, what?! If that isn't the universe and its timing to celebrate their pregnancy and the amazing parents they're going to be. 


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